Change default 1M max upload filesize limit for WordPress Mutisite

If you are like me playing around with the WordPress Multisite feature and you’ve run into the max allowed upload filesize limit of 1M, you are in the right place to fix it.

There is a not quite intuitive (for me) option in the Super admin dashboard that allows you to change this. Please note that this does not overwrite your apache or php.ini settings if this last one is smaller. Here you can apply the rule of the most restrictive.

So here are the steps to achieve this:

Here are the steps to change the Maximum upload file size within WP admin:

  • Click Network Admin, at the top-left of your WordPress dashboard.
  • In the main menu on your left side, just hover over Settings and then click network Settings.
  • Scroll to the bottom and almost at the end of the list you will find the Max upload file size. You must specify a value in KB.
  • Apply Changes and you are good to go.

Wordpress max uploaded file size

Like I said, if your value is bigger than the one you have specified in your /etc/php.ini  or in your .htaccess , it will not been overwritten. You will have to further tweak your server settings to achieve your desired maximum upload file value in your WordPress multisite installation.

This are some value that may help you to get the job done:

On the other hand WordPress itself has another settings in the wp-config.php  file that may be tweaked.

So hope this helps you. I will soon post a specific tutorial about how to change the settings via your ini file, htaccess, or even directly in your php scripts. You can subscribe to receive it in your mailbox.

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