7 years Google Adsense earnings statistics and 10.000$ barrier reached

If you are on this page, there are lots of chances you have a Google Adsense account, you are planning to create one, or Google just close the account you had.

This is where I will tell you what I’ve learned in my 7 years experience with Google Adsense and how I reached the $10,000 barrier. But before I get into more details, let me tell you how I have started.

So back in 2006, I started building my first website about HTML tutorials and I was planning to put Adsense on it. Things were going really slow. I was watching how the earnings were rising from 2 cents to 8 cents every day, and then dropping to 0 every weekend.

The quick way to get more clicks tested

I was thinking that there had to be a quicker way to get more and more money. So I start to build a “click network”. I found about 50 guys that were in my exact situation and the they really liked my idea. We all had to open one website, wait a second or two and click on the ad, then repeat the operation 49 times with all the other websites. I now had passed from 8c a day to 20$. This was awesome. I was thinking that in a few months I could open a second account and double the money.

I made almost 500$ the first month and some of us made even more. The result: 50 Google Adsense accounts were close next month. The money was never paid.

So, why I am telling you all this? because if you want to get into Google Adsense, you must bear in mind that there is no fast easy nor quick way to get more clicks.

So let’s start all over again and first thing first – build a good website.

Like I said, first of all, you have to build a good website and a good community. You have to engage people to your content. So do that before any flirting with Adsense. If you just started, try to have at least 100 daily organic (coming from search engines) visits to your website. I think this is a reasonable starting point for google Adsense.

Content is king, but SEO and marketing are Queens.

Well, this is not the subject of this article, but like any other website, if you want to have visibility in a search engine you must have good and decent content. You need good content to have visitors from organic search and you need as much as you can get. This is pure statistic…if you get 10000 visits, you can get x percentage of ads clicked. I will come back to this later, with real numbers.

After you set up the website and you got some good content, try to do a little bit of SEO and also, let people know you have good stuff in there. Try put few links on other people (related) site, do some marketing.

And I really recommend you never stop doing this three things, write good content, optimize it, and let people know you have it.

7 years Google Adsense Statistics – Real numbers.

Like I promise you, here are the numbers for 7 years of Google Adsense.


Here is a full extract from the picture above.

Estimated earnings Page views Impressions Clicks Page RPM Impression RPM Active View Viewable
$10,705.75 9,713,104 25,422,940 76,102 $1.10 $0.42 47.75%

This is my top 10 earnings by month. But this are not the normal per/ month income. The average is around $100 to $150.

Month Page views Impressions Clicks Page RPM Impression RPM Active View Viewable Estimated earnings
May 1, 2012 – May 31, 2012 198,579 570,837 1,368 $1.13 $0.39 $223.50
Jun 1, 2012 – Jun 30, 2012 147,534 417,179 905 $1.50 $0.53 $220.86
Apr 1, 2013 – Apr 30, 2013 100,362 275,964 2,076 $2.17 $0.79 $217.87
Apr 1, 2012 – Apr 30, 2012 143,620 410,929 1,056 $1.48 $0.52 $212.98
Nov 1, 2011 – Nov 30, 2011 163,310 450,561 1,258 $1.28 $0.46 $208.51
Apr 1, 2015 – Apr 30, 2015 89,074 253,898 916 $2.30 $0.81 55.95% $204.52
Mar 1, 2015 – Mar 31, 2015 112,136 317,280 956 $1.79 $0.63 57.30% $200.18
Mar 1, 2013 – Mar 31, 2013 115,818 321,508 1,151 $1.72 $0.62 $199.42
Oct 1, 2013 – Oct 31, 2013 96,563 274,509 1,037 $2.05 $0.72 60.69% $198.23
Oct 1, 2011 – Oct 31, 2011 148,891 408,479 1,110 $1.31 $0.48 $194.89


Looking forward to make the 10 years Google Adsense earnings report. See you then.

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