Migrating multisite WP, don’t forget to edit wp-config.php

I have previously write about migrating WP using the database search/replace php tool. But migrating a MultiSite intalation is a little bit different.

This is the first time I am playing with WordPress and the multisite feature, so I am learning from my mistakes. There is a small change that I missed the first time I have read the documentation in WP Codex about Moving WordPress:

If database name or user changes, edit wp-config.php to have the correct values.

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WordPress rename/change Post name to a different post type

There are times when you wold like to rename the default posts to something else. For example, I used a WordPress installation to created a real estate related website from a standard WordPress install.

I needed to add a custom post houses so that the client would be able to add the content to the website, but on the other hand I did not need to use the standard post type since I did not need the blog or news section. So why not convert it to something else. Continue reading “WordPress rename/change Post name to a different post type”

The easy way to migrate WordPress using search and replace database

So you want to migrate a WordPress database and you came into the problem that when you load the new installation directory you are being redirected to the old domain. You probably tried to manually replace in your PhpMyAdmin in the wp_options  table the two entries that normally exist, but still no success. Maybe your website is loading but there are lots of errors in there.

This is because WordPress and lots of plugins store data and full URI in the database using wp_serialize function. Here is a little example about what I am talking about:

If you just do a search and replace you will break all this fields and data can not be recovered.

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POP vs IMAP vs SMTP vs Forwarding emails

POP vs IMAP, the eternal fight. What is POP and what is IMAP, and what in the hell is SMTP, this one is new, not to mention email forwarding. Here is the answer to all that:

What is POP Protocol

Post office protocol (also called POP) downloads email directly to your computer. When this happens, the mail is deleted from the ISP server. This process occurs to prevent you from reading the same email messages again when you access the ISP server from another computer. The benefit of POP mail is since messages are downloaded directly to your computer, you can read them even if you aren’t connected to the Internet. Continue reading “POP vs IMAP vs SMTP vs Forwarding emails”

How to change spell check language by right-clicking on a text in Chrome

Bad news for you, this option have been removed in chrome. Since the update of December 2015 the spell check option from the right-click menu disappeared and so you can not change the language for the spell checker as you normally would.

The good news is that in Chrome 47 was implemented the automatic spell checker in multiple languages!  So you can continue to type in different languages, and Chrome will automatically spell check all of your input text without you needing to manually change languages.

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Read It Later goes free and change name to Pocket

Who said that all good stuff are always paid. Here is a sample of quality free stuff…

Use Your Existing Read It Later Account with Pocket: If you’re a Read It Later Pro user, you’ll get Pocket with our latest app update. (Read It Later Free users, you will need to download the new Pocket app separately.) Continue reading “Read It Later goes free and change name to Pocket”