Using preg_split() to explode() by multiple delimiters in PHP

Just a quick note here. To explode()  a string using multiple delimiters in PHP you will have to make use of the regular expressions. Use pipe character to separate your delimiters.

There are also various flags you can use as optional: Continue reading “Using preg_split() to explode() by multiple delimiters in PHP”

PHP logical operators true false

The &&  and ||  logical operators seem to have more general recognition and background usage, although the and  and or  form of the same logical operators is taking more and more acceptation for the sake of readability.

So here is a list for the results when evaluating the expressions in PHP. I am sure that this can be applied to a bunch of other languages. (I think it is a little bit superficial to say that it apply to all programming language since I only know some of them). Continue reading “PHP logical operators true false”