7 years Google Adsense earnings statistics and 10.000$ barrier reached

If you are on this page, there are lots of chances you have a Google Adsense account, you are planning to create one, or Google just close the account you had.

This is where I will tell you what I’ve learned in my 7 years experience with Google Adsense and how I reached the $10,000 barrier. But before I get into more details, let me tell you how I have started. Continue reading “7 years Google Adsense earnings statistics and 10.000$ barrier reached”

PHP logical operators true false

The &&  and ||  logical operators seem to have more general recognition and background usage, although the and  and or  form of the same logical operators is taking more and more acceptation for the sake of readability.

So here is a list for the results when evaluating the expressions in PHP. I am sure that this can be applied to a bunch of other languages. (I think it is a little bit superficial to say that it apply to all programming language since I only know some of them). Continue reading “PHP logical operators true false”

How to stop Google Analytics Language SPAM?

Few days ago I have notice a big rise of my Google analytics stats from some very suspicious sources from Russia. Strange thing about this was the browser languages.

Here is a sample of my analytics report:

There are some more curious language codes in the report: Continue reading “How to stop Google Analytics Language SPAM?”

How to deactivate all WordPress plugins from MySQL database

WordPress plugins can be easily disabled from the database. You just have to open your favorite client and connect to your favorite client and go to your site database. I normally use HeidSQL, phpMyAdmin or Adminer but you can use any other. For this specific task you must know your database connection credentials. If you have an FTP connection you can find that in your wp-config.php file on the wordpress installation root

You will have to go to the wp_options table and search for a specific value in the option_name column. Please note that the table prefix ( wp ) is the standard prefix but can be different from one installation to another. Continue reading “How to deactivate all WordPress plugins from MySQL database”


Today´s Internet contains many abbreviations. Sometimes it´s impossible tu understand the content with so much abbreviation. So what is SEO, what is SEM and where did SERP came from, what SMO and SMM stands for, did I mention SEA, and what in the hell mean SERM. Below, I will describe all this terms:

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization (one of the most used) is the technique which helps search engines to find and get better positioning for your website among millions of other sites competing you. SEO, helps search engines to better understand the content of your website and therefore helps you get more traffic.
Continue reading “What is SEO, SERP, SEM, SEA, SMO, SMM and SERM”

WordPress is asking for FTP credentials to update plugins, FINALLY RESOLVED

I was dealing with this problem for a while and did not know how to give WordPress permission to write to his folders when updating plugins or themes.

On the other hand this was forcing me to chmod wp-content/uploads  folder with 777 permissions. I am not a heavy image uploader, so when I was in need of updating I was just chmod to 777 and then, after uploading my stuff, get back to 755.

I am not a Linux lover, geek, guru (or how they call it) so I had no clue about why this happened on my VPS or how to fix that. But as a respectable “self-directed learner” as I am, I had to dig into the situation. Continue reading “WordPress is asking for FTP credentials to update plugins, FINALLY RESOLVED”

PrettyPhoto Minimal Theme – a pure CSS prettyPhoto simple theme

I have recently used prettyPhoto for a project and I have to admit that it is a great tool to have in hand when it comes to modal pop-ups.

It has lots of types of content support and it is really simple to customize. prettyPhoto also comes with lots of features and 5 built-in themes

  • light_rounded
  • dark_rounded
  • light_square
  • dark_square
  • facebook
  • pp_default
  • minimal theme – which will add here with minimal and pure CSS

…which you can easily change via JavaScript customization. But this is not the subject of this tutorial.

I prefer a default minimal and simple theme for prettyPhoto and the ability to add stuff if I need it and not the opposite. So this is my little CSS to create a simple theme for prettyPhoto Continue reading “PrettyPhoto Minimal Theme – a pure CSS prettyPhoto simple theme”

FORBA (Finger On Respond Button Affection) – A closer look at people suffering it

I would like to dedicate this article to one of my colleagues, but I really don’t want to hurt his feelings. So I will not mention his name here.

So, I will like to tell you a little bit about the so-called finger on respond, or send button which is quite a terrible affection that it is expanding very quickly lately. You will find out how this disorder started and spread out, on an epidemic scale.

Continue reading “FORBA (Finger On Respond Button Affection) – A closer look at people suffering it”

Simple “time to stop working” jQuery counter with alert

I am sure there are tons of countdowns out there, but I think none was built for this special purpose. I was playing with the jquery counter and just came to me: I want an alert to remind me to stop working and tell me to go home when it’s time.

Yes, of course I could just use the phone alert…but this is funnier…and I can say “I made this” 😀

The good part, is that you can pin the tab in your favorite browser (I am a Chrome evangelist) and every time you start it, it also starts the timer. The counter restarts automatically every day, so you don’t have to worry about it and it shows the alert no matter what you are doing when time finishes.

I customized so it pup ups the alert every day at 5:30pm exempt on Friday when it shows me the alert al 2:30pm. Feel free to do it your way.

Continue reading “Simple “time to stop working” jQuery counter with alert”

Benchmarking on the glob() “dinosaur” and readdir() PHP functions

Well..it’s true. The PHP glob()  function is a big dinosaur, memory eater and speed blow upper (if that can be said). So let’s test the glob()  function against some other alternatives.

I have recently had to detect duplicated/missing files comparing two directories in a set of 80.000 files and I used the PHP glob() function. 80k is a reasonable number for a local machine. But later I had to deal with 800k and that is really a lot if you don’t do things the right way. So I had to try some other alternatives.

I had to do some benchmarking in the area and I used a set of 25.000 images and another folder with 10.000 random duplicates. I think this is a reasonable number to see any differences in the final result.

Continue reading “Benchmarking on the glob() “dinosaur” and readdir() PHP functions”