WordPress automatic database optimization and repair

Did you know that WordPress websites accumulate overhead due to SQL queries that are being processed.  Overhead when referring to databases, is the temporary disk space that it is used to run some of the queries. This overhead is bad for table scan, i. e. when your query needs to run over all table values, it will need to look at more empty space.

Every database will, over time, require some form of maintenance to keep it at an optimal performance level. Purging deleted rows, resequencing, compressing, managing index paths, defragmenting, etc. is what is known as optimization in mysql and other terms in other databases.

A little overhead in a database is totally normal, however if there is too much, the performance of your website may be drastically affected.

To remove overhead and repair your MySQL database, you need to use a WordPress built-in function. WordPress allows you to repair your database automatically.

All you need to do is add the following code to your wp-config.php file.

Pretty simple huh…You can then test your site speed by using Google Insights, Pingdom or whatever tool out there. Good luck with it!

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