How to change spell check language by right-clicking on a text in Chrome

Bad news for you, this option have been removed in chrome. Since the update of December 2015 the spell check option from the right-click menu disappeared and so you can not change the language for the spell checker as you normally would.

The good news is that in Chrome 47 was implemented the automatic spell checker in multiple languages!  So you can continue to type in different languages, and Chrome will automatically spell check all of your input text without you needing to manually change languages.

If you do not have enabled multilingual spellchecker, just go here and select Enable. Save and restart chrome and you’re good to go.

To add additional languages for spell checking, try the following:

  1. top-right 3 horizontal lines icon ( ≡ )  > Settings > Show advanced settings > Language and input settings > click “Add” for Languages
  2. for each desired language, on the right-side tic the box for “Use this language for spell checking“.  Then Chrome will show “downloading the spell checking dictionary”

Or you can just right-click in any text field and select  Language settings. You will be there quicker 😉

2 thoughts on “How to change spell check language by right-clicking on a text in Chrome”

  1. Unfortunately, the so called good news of Chrome 47 is a terrible one. The new system doesn’t work at all and is so reviled that the developers are working on bringing back a new implementation of the old system (which was never broken in the first place). A typical example of what should never be done in developing code: if something ain’t broken… don’t bloody change it.

    1. I definitely agree on that, I am not a native english nor spanish speaker, so I am a heavy user of the Chrome spell checker, and I am changing languages quite a lot. I rely on it to deliver well written content and IMO sometimes it screwing things up. 🙂

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